Hold Out

“Move On and Hold Out”

Snake Nation Press remains a hold out in the business of publishing. Our perseverance continues amid undeniable changes imposed by the Internet in this brutal publishing world of Amazon that renders the literary arts a difficult business. We will not be deterred.

The entries from last year’s contests are being read and a short list will be published soon. The obligation to the writers to read and publish the winners will be upheld. There are no plans for any new contests at this time. The latest winners are Rubert Fike’s poetry, Hello the House and Thomas Benz’s fiction, Home and Castle.   

We are still in the publishing business after 30 years. Currently, James Calemine’s Insured Beyond the Grave Volume 2, will be released in June, 2018. Calemine’s Volume 1 was published in June 2017. John Charles Griffin’s poetry book–After The Meltdown–is another publication of late. These three books mark a timeless path Snake Nation will travel to sustain relevance in a system which often disregards the work produced by small presses. Also, a new Snake Nation blog will appear this summer.

So, we will continue to, ” Move On and Hold Out,” as Jackson Browne suggests.