Halloween’s Full Blue Moon, the 2020 Plague & A Presidential Election

By James Calemine

Far as I can tell, Halloween came early in 2020. It’s been exhausting for everyone and these next few weeks will be even weirder. Stories in my new book, The Road To Hell, capture strange undercurrents happening in these eerie times of Modern America. However, Truth is–indeed–stranger than fiction.

Time moves fast during tidal shifts. So, tonight, on Halloween (Saturday October 31) we have a full blue moon, a plague and an American Presidential election looming next week. Creepy times. So, buckle up folks. Intense turbulence appears afoot. You see people doing crazy & sinister shit all around you. Pay attention. But above all else–remain calm. Change is upon us. Reckoning descends. Seek the Art that allows you to transcend because historic overtones loom large.

And if it looks like a snake, hisses and bites like a snake–you’ve been warned. Next Dispatch? Soon, before the smoke clears…

(Photo: Getty Images)