Dispatch #3 Stanley Booth

Stanley Booth
by James Calemine
Today’s dispatch revolves around writer Stanley Booth. He counts as a subject in my first Snake Nation book–Insured Beyond The Grave. He grew up in the Okefenokee Swamp. Booth once wrote this about the Okefenokee: “I loved the swamp country. At times I was afraid, but nothing in the woods was as frightening as what I would find in the outside world.”

Stanley Booth by James Calemine
Booth’s three books–The True Adventures of the Rolling StonesRythm (sic) Oil and Keith: Standing in the Shadows–rank as influential American literature. Booth’s new collection, Red, Hot, and Blue will be published by Chicago Review Press in 2019. It contains published articles throughout his long career.

I talked to Stanley on Monday, July 23, and he provided insight to the contents of his new book. “The first piece is an introduction that talks about my career. I talk about the guy who wrote a book about the blues and how he spent an afternoon in Memphis. I wrote I’ve been in Memphis 25 years and I’ve been to all the jails in the vicinity. Some people think they can read a book about the blues, listen to some blues records and they have an authentic thing to say about the blues. I don’t understand people.

Keith Richards & Stanley Booth by Jim Marshall

“After the introduction the pieces include King Joe Oliver, Ma Rainey, Blind Willie McTell, Ray Charles, the Rolling Stones, Mose Allison, Charlie Freeman, Bobby Rush, Marvin Sease, Elvis Presley, Fred Ford, Aaron Neville, Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham and Al Green. It also contains the liner notes to Jim Dickinson’s album Dixie Fried. Also, two TV scripts Cybill Shepherd hired me to write. The last article is about Dewey Phillips called Red, Hot and Blue.”

Red, Hot and Blue will definitely be worth the wait. Stay tuned…

Photographer William Eggleston by Stanley Booth